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Sep 2016
Raphael Amorim
Sep 01 2016 00:50
hello all, has python a better mechanism to be used as an embedded language inside some other runtime
similar to what lua does?
in a way that I don't get annoyed with GIL
Raphael Amorim
Sep 01 2016 00:56
I know that implementing a sandbox with python is terrible, but didn't know how deep the level of darkness could reach.
imagine multiple python sandboxes running in parallel
I've tried using subinterpreters, but it's not what I want
Raphael Amorim
Sep 01 2016 01:08
you guys also use a global interpreter lock (or "GIL")
An Long
Sep 01 2016 06:42
Hi @raphaelamorim I think micropython is suite for your useage:
Marius Wachtler
Sep 01 2016 09:14
I think at the currently pyston does not support embedding it and unfortunately does not implement subinterpreters yet :-(