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Sep 2016
Sep 17 2016 15:07

Hi, Pyston try to fetch libunwind by d3a40fbe7de5de6e1de1c07175b5c8b444105b1e:

Submodule path 'build_deps/libunwind': checked out 'd3a40fbe7de5de6e1de1c07175b5c8b444105b1e`.

But libunwind doesn't contains this commit:

So it will complain this:

Fetched in submodule path 'build_deps/libunwind', but it did not contain d3a40fbe7de5de6e1de1c07175b5c8b444105b1e. Direct fetching of that commit failed.

Would someone can tell me how could it happened? And how to solve it ? Thanks!

Sep 17 2016 23:04
Found the problem. Sorry for the trouble.