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Oct 2016
Aswin kumar
Oct 03 2016 14:16 UTC
I think Gitter does not have an option to save the chats
Oct 03 2016 14:20 UTC
I think Gitter saved everything. Maybe you mean save as text file?
Marius Wachtler
Oct 03 2016 14:51 UTC
oh man I was just wasting time investigating why my PR is now failing in the cffi 1.7 test since my last change just to find out it also now suddenly fails on the master branch.
It looks like it's not that we forget to set some PyPI dependency to a specific version but they really changed the package without version change: eliben/pycparser#148
Marius Wachtler
Oct 03 2016 15:03 UTC
ok they just fixed it :-)
Kevin Modzelewski
Oct 03 2016 19:07 UTC
oh wow sounds like a fun time for the guy that did that by accident :P