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Oct 2016
Aswin kumar
Oct 05 2016 04:13
I had never run any code on any server and I do not know how it is done. I always run my code on my laptop and I have 2 physical cores .So when ever my application run slow, I try to use threads and make it run faster. I would like to know if pyston automatically parallelize the code for me? If it does then I do not have the over head of parallelizing my code, and debugging becomes simpler
Do people in Dropbox use threads in their code to make use of all the cores ?
Seo Sanghyeon
Oct 05 2016 04:21
As I understand, no, Pyston does not automatically parallelize the code for you.
Really, nothing does.
Kevin Modzelewski
Oct 05 2016 07:24
Yeah, we don't really do that :/
I think our idea would be more to be compatible with another project that did that
But I'm not aware of any for Python
Seo Sanghyeon
Oct 05 2016 08:06
For Python, I think PyParallel is the most interesting effort.