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Nov 2016
Nov 02 2016 04:30
Hello all, is pyston available for ubuntu 16.04?
If so where can I find the installation guidelines>
and then extract it, and there is a pyston executable inside
let me know if that doesn't work!
Nov 02 2016 19:04
Hey thanks for that @kmod .
I am getting issues now while Im trying to run pyston
In file included from c/cffi1_module.c:19:0,
from c/_cffi_backend.c:6670:
c/call_python.c: In function ‘_get_interpstate_dict’:
c/call_python.c:20:30: error: ‘PyInterpreterState {aka struct _is}’ has no member named ‘builtins’
builtins = tstate->interp->builtins;
c/call_python.c: In function ‘_update_cache_to_call_python’:
c/call_python.c:160:39: error: ‘PyInterpreterState {aka struct _is}’ has no member named modules’
new1 = PyThreadState_GET()->interp->modules;
c/call_python.c: In function ‘cffi_call_python’:
c/call_python.c:235:63: error: ‘PyInterpreterState {aka struct _is}’ has no member named modules’
if (externpy->reserved1 != PyThreadState_GET()->interp->modules) {
Kevin Modzelewski
Nov 02 2016 19:45
I think we have this fixed on master
yeah, we fixed this on master but it's not in our releases yet
as a workaround you could try using an older version of cffi