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Jan 2017
Chelsea Metcalf
Jan 18 2017 04:11
Hi, I am interested in getting the LLVM IR. I ran "./pyston_dbg -S -n -v -v" as suggested in one of the GitHub issues, but it prints out too much information. I saw in entry.cpp that there is an unimplemented printAllIR() function. I was wondering where in the code you are passing the IR to the engine JIT. Would that be in the hooks.cpp file? Thanks!
Marius Wachtler
Jan 18 2017 11:17
yes it should be this line g.engine->addModule(std::unique_ptr<llvm::Module>(module)); inside hooks.cpp:77
but the IR we emit contains a lot of calls to functions inside the pyston executable and some other embedded pointers. So you will not be able to run it standalone or so