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Jun 2017
Yury Zhuravlev
Jun 08 2017 01:58
I think we should invent how insert/inline Cython per function or extra tags for math vars and operations.
I have no see any problems in Python when I work with hash/dict I have problems only in some math and big loops.
Jun 08 2017 22:26
@kmod if libunwind is (one of) the problem(s) with supporting macOS, why not just disable it entirely on the mac platform?
I remember last time I worked on trying to port it I was stuck on getting libunwind to work, but I know rust wasn't able to do it either
so they just disabled libuwind on platforms that aren't Linux
also, is it possible to just disable the jwt and compile to a native executable?
Jun 08 2017 23:03
jwt lol i meant jit