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Apr 2019
An Long
Apr 11 04:29
Just have a little experience on cython, but looks like cython can not aot compile the whole standard library (or runtime). So if the new project is based on cython, does it have the ability to optimize the runtime?
Kevin Modzelewski
Apr 11 17:48
Oh interesting! Do you have any more info on this?
I've only seen which makes their compatibility seem quite good
Also I'd say we "use" cython and are not "based on" cython -- we use cython to lower Python code to C code, and then do a number of C-level tricks to optimize the generated code
I'm not sure which "runtime" you're referring to, but we definitely optimize the CPython C runtime :)
Also if anyone is interested, I started putting up some issues on our issue tracker. They should be pretty approachable and would be helpful!
Apr 11 19:10
I modified Cython source code for support new syntax, which is add a type called "nogil extension" to get rid of Cython environment, so we can enable multicore support for Python-like syntax.
Apr 11 19:21
It is a personal/community project, right?
Kevin Modzelewski
Apr 11 19:46
You mean nitrous (previously called dpro)? Yep a community project :)