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Oct 2015
Andrew Kozin
Oct 03 2015 09:05

@AMHOL @solnic As far as i inderstood, you've implemented namespace in dry-container as... well, namespace :)
I mean, it seems like a syntax sugar for long keys like "" added via namespaced(key) method, innit?

I think, why not (re)implement it as a nested container(s), whose methods are available from the "parent" container via nested name.
This would allow importing "namespaces - containers" from one to another. Like in case:

foo =
foo.namespace(:bar) do
  register(:baz) { :BAZ }

qux = do
  import foo.namespace(:bar), as: :fbar # here resolve has to be reloaded to work with both variables and namespaces
                                        # also namespace w/o block would just return the namespace

qux.resolve("fbar.baz") # => :BAZ

I think about this feature in connection to dry-data. When I read dry-data, the first thing I asked myself is: how to take some types defined inside one module and inject them to another. Just like in Haskell:

import Data.Char (toLower, toUpper)

or in transproc (the same haskell-inspired mechanism)

import :camelize, from: Inflecto, as: :up