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Oct 2015
Andy Holland
Oct 07 2015 19:53
@nepalez @solnic I guess I missed that use-case because I created it with the intention on IoC in which case you wouldn't want duplicates, but there is a much larger array of use-cases popping up now so it's worth exploring I think
Sorry, I know that was a long time ago when it was mentioned (the transproc style importing)
Andrew Kozin
Oct 07 2015 21:48
@AMHOL NP. When I pull myself out of rom-migrator, I'm going to return to that thing
Andy Holland
Oct 07 2015 22:00
Cool, i haven't had a chance to look at rom-migrator in a while but looked good last time
You mean Transproc BTW? Let me know, we might be able to change dry-container to fit, do you want commit access for dry?
Sorry about the broken English, walking and typing on my phone lol