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Nov 2015
Tim Riley
Nov 19 2015 04:27
Is the idea with Dry::Container::Mixin that once you’ve extend-ed it in a class, any of that class’ subclasses share the same container storage?
That’s how it’s working now, anyway (as of dryrb/dry-container@652dd84) – just interested in learning what the thinking was behind it?
I’ve been wondering why in my Rodakase app, where I have a MyApp::Container < Rodakase::Container class, which is top-level, and a Main::Container < Rodakase::Container class, which is in a “sub-app”, how they actually ended up having access to all of the container registrations across the codebase. This appears to be why :)
Tim Riley
Nov 19 2015 04:33
Hmm, I’m guessing it’s because when you extend, the container is “static,” at the class-level, meaning it should be the same for any subclasses.
makes sense after I think about it for a while :)