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Jan 2016
Piotr Solnica
Jan 23 2016 13:50
w00t w00t, I made things working with macros and value(:foo).eql?(value(:other)) :dancers:
I actually realized rule is still a neat concept, and it’s needed, so it’s gonna stay, but lots of rules can be expressed w/o it
ie you may have 2 rules but only one is expected to pass, hence you can do rule(:foo) { rule(:one) ^ rule(:two) }
this is gonna be really really flexible
so yeah, high-level rules are staying, but macros can simplify various scenarios where one validation depends on another
I’ve got some clean up to do in both dry-v and dry-logic before pushing, should be done on Monday :)
oh and…original input is now properly passed to errors, so you can see what high-level rules failed, and the input from other rules, this is pretty cool
Fran Worley
Jan 23 2016 19:13
👏 well done and thanks for your hard work. I'll take a look on Tuesday. Have a great weekend!