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Jan 2016
Kris Leech
Jan 25 2016 12:22
Speaking out loud: I have a dry-container class which has configuration data in it. Because you cannot register the same key more than once I cannot override any of the configuration to return something different for my tests. I suspect the answer is to turn the class in to an object. But then I wonder if this will continue to work with AutoInject (since the included module is static).
I will try this MyModule.configuration = then I can swap out the whole configuration while still having global (class level) access.
Piotr Solnica
Jan 25 2016 19:20
quick update from the dry-v front: I’ve ended up with a huge refactoring (I know I know), I’m pretty much removing code and making specs passing again. macros introduced a couple of new challenges, so I gotta make sure they work in all use cases, not just a few simple ones…which turned out to be non-trivial. Hard to say when it’ll be done, I’ve got lots of client work to catch up this week, so I suspect I’ll manage to wrap-up dry-v refactoring within the next couple of weeks. I’ll let you know when master is in a good shape to test the new shiny features out. It’s gonna be a serious improvement, 2 concepts (nested schemas and grouped rules) will be gone as they turned out to be redundant, and the DSL will be more flexible and even more expressive. Stay tuned :)
@krisleech we haven’t figured out test-aid APIs yet, ideas/suggestions are welcome