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Feb 2016
Piotr Solnica
Feb 01 2016 18:04 UTC
quick update: I started working on error-compiler refactor today. result ast in dry-logic was extended to support inputs from each rule results, which makes it possible to properly embed error msg information in the validation results, which I’ll work on next. In general the compiler will be simpler and more flexible after this refactor. I also consider replacing (after all) raw hashes/arrays in the results with some small objects with custom APIs that will make it simpler to access/process/display error messages. I should finish this refactor and release 0.7.0 later this week. Oh and I also made another refactoring iteration and simplified/improved the dsl, as a side effect we now support rule names that can be arrays which provide “paths” to values in nested structures. In other words, you’ll be able to write rules that depend on values from different places of the data structure, not necessarily current node, ie: value(:login).true?.then(user.value(:email).filled?)) where user is a nested structure under user key.
Piotr Solnica
Feb 01 2016 23:04 UTC other news: we’ve got a shiny logo and a whole website is coming up, too! :tada:
Fran Worley
Feb 01 2016 23:25 UTC
Happy days :)