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Feb 2016
Piotr Solnica
Feb 23 2016 13:37
dryrb/dry-validation#68 <= getting there finally…the hardest stuff is finally done :)
Piotr Solnica
Feb 23 2016 13:45
I’m just not sure if we still need rule interface, the only reason for keeping it would be to be able to provide arbitrary rule names for custom messages
Michał Pietrus
Feb 23 2016 13:48

Hi @solnic ! In case of rule interface, currently I'm having such rules, eg:

rule(:user_inactive, user_active?: [:email])
rule(:password_invalid, password_valid?: [:email, :password])

This is indeed convenient to provide custom error message for a custom validation

Piotr Solnica
Feb 23 2016 13:54
ok, this could stay then