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Apr 2016
Apr 24 2016 01:58
@cdennl couldn't get i18n to load. I have to get i18n eventually - but for now - this worked in an initializer. I am using reform 2-2 branch which is setup to use the new dry-v api. @fran-worley if you aren't having luck with the global setup for error messages - this may help.
Dry::Validation::Schema::Form.configure do |config|
  config.messages = :yaml
  config.messages_file =  "#{Rails.root}/config/locales/en/dry-v-custom-messages.yml"
Piotr Solnica
Apr 24 2016 09:04
@panigrah please report an issue. A simple reproduction script would be very helpful too
Apr 24 2016 16:36
@panigrah post the repo and updated branch here to reproduce the error