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Jun 2016
Piotr Solnica
Jun 25 2016 07:51
We may want to make that behavior optional (implicit call to to_hash)
It was just very pragmatic in the beginning
And i'm ok with dry-struct but I won't have time to do that so you folks would have to take the initiative :)
Wilson Silva
Jun 25 2016 14:39
@timriley In your talk you defined a schema validation with Dry::Validation::Form do. I tried to recreate the app using that code and failed. Using do worked. I'm using dry-validation v0.7.4.
Wilson Silva
Jun 25 2016 14:47
Nevermind. I found out I was using ::Form instead of .Form.
Tim Riley
Jun 25 2016 14:58
@wilsonsilva the correct way to define a schema is Dry::Validation.Form do
ah yes, glad you found it!