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Jul 2016
John Backus
Jul 10 2016 02:36
@solnic #108 ready for you: dry-rb/dry-types#108
I was playing with the idea of using Module#deprecate_constant for MRI 2.3 users
Dmitriy Plekhanov
Jul 10 2016 10:38
Is it possible to coerce value before to validation? Something like that? Types::Strict::String.default(&:upcase)
Piotr Solnica
Jul 10 2016 18:46
@onemanstartup yes, although it’s better to validate it first because you don’t really know if you can upcase it
Samson Ootoovak
Jul 10 2016 21:23
Yeah, thanks @daniels and @solnic I got the same answer from Twitter. Ment to bring it back here but was a busy end to the day today day. Was interesting and something I had forgotten about (octal representation in Ruby). Thanks for the help!