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Aug 2016
Juanma Cervera
Aug 28 2016 10:44

Trying to setup a dry-system project that uses ROM.
I has followed the berg project, as advised, although this is not a web project.
I can't get it working, I can't access the repositories and objects I'm trying to register in the container.
Maybe I'm registering them incorrectly or failing to getting them back after that. I don't know.
Could someone give a one-minute glance to the project and tell what I'm doing wrong?

Thank you very much.

Aleksandar Radunović
Aug 28 2016 19:31
@jmcervera you have a typo here. It’s persistence instead of persistance. Also, here you should use schema(:users, infer: true) do. see infer: docs. It works for me after applying these changes.
@solnic Is there a reason why some keys are not showing when Dry::System::Container.keys is used, even though the dependency has been booted?
Piotr Solnica
Aug 28 2016 19:50
@aradunovic depends on what this boot file is doing
Aleksandar Radunović
Aug 28 2016 20:06
@solnic it’s a simple definition of ROM relation class, from @jmcervera example above.
Piotr Solnica
Aug 28 2016 20:08
I'll check it out later. Traveling atm
John Backus
Aug 28 2016 23:00
@flash-gordon when you're available we should talk about dry-rb/dry-types#137 and dry-rb/dry-types#135