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Sep 2016
Oskar Szrajer
Sep 23 2016 06:40
Anyone present on EuRuKo in Sofia?
Kiril Dokh
Sep 23 2016 07:29
@solnic dry-rb/dry-validation#259
John Griffin
Sep 23 2016 15:12
dry-transaction question: seems like when I pass step arguments to a transaction it disables all step notifications. It might be because it creates a new instance without the subscriptions attached. Anyone else know about this? Thanks!
Piotr Solnica
Sep 23 2016 15:20
@john-griffin pls report an issue :)
John Griffin
Sep 23 2016 15:22
@solnic :+1: will PR a failing test
Piotr Solnica
Sep 23 2016 15:22
that would be even better
Ralf Schmitz Bongiolo
Sep 23 2016 19:55
@timriley can I update bundler on dry-transaction, or does it need to be on 1.12.x for any reason? It's failing the builds with Travis
Nikita Shilnikov
Sep 23 2016 20:59
@mrbongiolo yes, go ahead