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Oct 2016
Nick Sutterer
Oct 08 2016 13:54
yo @AMHOL - say, dry-constructor is unreleased, right? isn't that being used in auto-inject?
@ahawkins :* also, dry-container can help you loading dependencies via resolvers. Trailblazer 1.2 supports it
@AMHOL the reason i'm asking is, i am thinking about making dry-constructor a dependency for trailblazer-operation
Nick Sutterer
Oct 08 2016 14:00
@timriley you will probably also know what the reasoning behind not releasing constructor? :point_up:
Nick Sutterer
Oct 08 2016 14:06
or is constructor superseded by auto_inject? would they work together?
i would love to have a consistent initialize interface that's compatible with dry-* in TRB
Piotr Solnica
Oct 08 2016 16:09
@apotonick we abandoned constructor in favor of dry-initializer (we plan to use it in rom-rb soon instead of ROM::Options). Re auto_inject it turned out this gem has too many special needs and extracting this part into a separate gem wouldn't be feasible
IIRC there was a decision this repo should be removed to avoid confusion
Andy Holland
Oct 08 2016 17:08
Yep that was pretty much it :)