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Oct 2016
Jānis Miezītis
Oct 19 2016 19:55

Hello folks, I am starting to get my hands dirty with dry-web and I encountered following problem with view class resolving:
1) I have a view class that is located in following path: apps/main/lib/main/views/users/sign_in.rb
2) In the Roda router I call it as follows r.view "users.sign_in"
3) It is trying to resolve this class by following path main.views.users.sign_in
4) Actual path in Main::Container is views.users.sign_in

Any ides?

Tim Riley
Oct 19 2016 21:05
@janjiss sorry about that, small bug we have to fix. You can fix yourself by editing your roda_plugins.rb and changing the "view" method to stop referring to the sub-app's name at the front of the view's identifier
I'll try cut a release to fix this today
Jānis Miezītis
Oct 19 2016 21:45
@timriley Gocha, thanks!