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Dec 2016
Lonnie VanZandt
Dec 23 2016 03:48

newbie here. I watched @timriley's Singapore presentation and really liked the functional-ity and separation of concerns. I'm looking for some convention to surround me as I get started with these new-to-me dry and rom capabilities. Something like a "click here to download Trailblazer with skeleton support for a Riley-like dry/rom app".Is there any getting-started resource like that? Maybe @fran-worley can recommend where someone new to both dry/rom and Trailblazer should start if they have no legacy app to evolve?

I'm really interested in the ROM Relations concept that allows architect/developers to work with objects that look like business objects rather than detailed database scaffolding because the kind of applications that I work on have complex object-with-object relationships and all relational database repositories eventually so pollute the network-graph business concepts that the business services often have to be simplified or be reduced in flexibility if the relational-model details are implemented in the business objects themselves. Therefore, the dry/rom architecture of separating out associations as proper objects, of separating out repository query handlers, of separating out functional dependency-injected command objects, from the business objects themselves is intoxicating.

Lonnie VanZandt
Dec 23 2016 03:56
Hmm, may be "...dry-web-roda gem and then generate a new project via the dry-web-roda new my_app_name..." from a recent reply by @timriley . Back to googling.
Oskar Szrajer
Dec 23 2016 08:12
generating new project might by a good idea, but a lot strange (new) ideas you will find there. So go directory -> file by file and ask.
asking here might be the best idea to understand it @lonniev
Tim Riley
Dec 23 2016 10:58
@lonniev you can also check out icelab/Berg on github for a real functioning app
I plan to make some improvements to dry-web this Jan and Feb, too, including docs.
Oskar Szrajer
Dec 23 2016 11:09
berg can be really hard to understand but of course it's wonderful source of knowleadge I used it many times
Eger Andreas
Dec 23 2016 12:07
hi, is there a way to make dry-validation care about unknown keys, meaning adding a UnknownKeysError?
Lonnie VanZandt
Dec 23 2016 16:28
@timriley, yes, I spotted Berg in your github repos and thought that might be a good starter sample. Now, both you and @solnic have mentioned that your cool dry-system and rom components could or do work with Trailblazer and Hanami. I'd like to see an example of that. Got one? @gotar, yes, there's often nothing better than taking time to RTFC(ode). :-)
Piotr Solnica
Dec 23 2016 19:07
@lonniev berg is pretty big so I agree with @gotar that it could feel overwhelming a bit
We just need a Todo app or a blog app examples. Something very basic but complex enough to show off some important features