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Jan 2017
Lonnie VanZandt
Jan 02 2017 03:28
BTW I come to the party without Rails baggage and with no intention of first adopting Rails. Reading a bit, I see that the typical use case for TRB is a developer already using Rails, wanting to improve their situation. I'm in a green field looking for a way to explore dry-web, hoping to avoid ActiveRecord. This is why I'm looking around for the dry-web-roda entity or TRB generators.
Rijul Raut
Jan 02 2017 07:31
So I'm in the process of converting my Rails stack to use dry-validations, and I just had one question: how do I handle conditional validations? Do I just use an if block?
Christopher Dennl-Ortega Arrieta
Jan 02 2017 08:35
@lonniev Im using Rails + TRB2 + Dry-v, using sequel instead of AR and using Cells instead of AV
Fran Worley
Jan 02 2017 09:36
@lonniev trailblazer is not a framework in itself, rather it's a series of gems - the main ones being Reform - form objects, operations to make sense of business logic and processes (similar to dry transaction) - that you can incorporate what you want and need into your project whatever your framework or ORM. I've got apps in Sinatra that use elements of trailblazer and an app (no framework so to speak) that uses Roda for routing, Sequel as an ORM, dry-validations and types for validations and coercions with trailblazer gems to bring it all together.
@lonniev hey, we won’t have generators for things like entities mostly because dry-web is not a full stack framework that ships with such concepts
we can have generators for some things though, like roda routes or transaction skeletons
Piotr Solnica
Jan 02 2017 11:39
@lonniev could you start a thread on it’s a better place to ask such questions
Lonnie VanZandt
Jan 02 2017 15:31
@solnic sure bye-here