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Jan 2017
Joshua Wilcox
Jan 25 2017 14:12
Hello, I was curious if there was a reason there was no ::Maybe::Bool in dry-types
Joshua Wilcox
Jan 25 2017 14:18
Essentially i have a db default value that I want overridable by a request, but I need the param to be optional to deal with some semver issues of backwards compatibility
Nikita Shilnikov
Jan 25 2017 14:46
@joshuaswilcox but we don't have Optional::Bool either! :)
I think for no specific reason, mb @solnic knows something :)
Piotr Solnica
Jan 25 2017 14:54
it just happened to be like that ¯_(⊙ʖ⊙)
Joshua Wilcox
Jan 25 2017 15:41
ha, ok thanks, i found a workaround :)