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Feb 2017
Piotr Solnica
Feb 24 2017 10:30
I finally added info about dry gems to virtus’ README :sweat_smile:
@Kukunin ^
Gustavo Caso
Feb 24 2017 10:31
Sergey Kukunin
Feb 24 2017 10:45
@solnic haha. thanks
Piotr Solnica
Feb 24 2017 10:48
no idea why it took me so long
Oskar Szrajer
Feb 24 2017 10:59
but still I see (in new projects even) Virtus as a default. Hard to convince people to change, I aways tell them there is something better, successor but they answer - virtus just works
it will not die too soon
Piotr Solnica
Feb 24 2017 11:00
this is fine @gotar
my intention is not to make people stop using virtus, if it works, then it works
it’s just about letting folks now what I’m doing after virtus
that’s all