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Mar 2017
Pablo Herrero
Mar 17 2017 09:22
Hey guys, I was wondering if there was some draft for the new dry-v 1.0 API?
Tim Riley
Mar 17 2017 10:30
Nothing yet apart from the message on the discussion forum, @pabloh
Alex Heeton
Mar 17 2017 13:23
Why is there no Form::String type in dry-types? What's the logic behind that? (I'm guessing everything is a string already, and Form seems to be for coercion? Is that correct?)
Was also hoping someone could give some info behind error messages in dry-validation. Similar to @Bounga's post above, I hit some issues with high-level rule messages. Background here - - specifically I'm wondering about intended naming conventions for rules, and if this is just a case of the docs being out of sync.
Sergey Kukunin
Mar 17 2017 18:04
@flash-gordon do you know, that new dry-monads transforms dry-structs into hashes?
Nikita Shilnikov
Mar 17 2017 18:07
Yep, I'll push a kinda fix later today, you can check out the branch in dry-monads meanwhile
Sergey Kukunin
Mar 17 2017 18:08
btw, those are really cool changes to API of monads
Nikita Shilnikov
Mar 17 2017 18:09
Thanks, it took me a while :)