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May 2017
Ahmad Musaffa
May 04 2017 11:24
@timriley After reading your series post in Icelab's blog, I've finally come to understand dry-container and dry-auto_inject etc gems and their usecases. Before that I read the docs in dry-rb site but couldn't fully understand the concepts. Wouldn't it be better if the documentation of dry-rb website also contains a getting started guide that walks the newcomers through some storybased steps introducing new concepts on every chapter like you did in the series post of Icelab blog?
Tim Riley
May 04 2017 11:30
@musaffa yep, that’s totally the plan. I’d love for us to have a “guides” section with some more step-by-step introductions.
Glad to hear you figured this stuff out via the blog posts though :)