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Jun 2017
And this completes the triumvirate of “0.7.0” gem releases :)
The new dry-web-roda has quite a few improvements to the generated project structure, so if anyone here is willing to run dry-web-roda new my_project_name and have a play around over the next few days, I’d appreciate it!
I pushed for all these changes because I’m running a workshop next week and I wanted to make the experience a little better.
Gustavo Caso
Jun 16 2017 13:08
Thank you @timriley for the hard work
Andrew Kozin
Jun 16 2017 19:36

@kwando @flash-gordon I don't think that dry-initializer should define a constructor, not to mention this cannot be supported by 'include' syntax

I think this should be defined in a separate module

Nikita Shilnikov
Jun 16 2017 22:14
@nepalez I think you misunderstood what I meant, have a look at what usually do with with it's just a version of dup, in other words you get a new instance with new options