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Aug 2017
Phillip Oertel
Aug 07 2017 11:28
Hi everyone, I have an issue with dry-validations; it may be a bug related to reusing schemas; can anyone help?
Phillip Oertel
Aug 07 2017 11:34
Well, I'll leave my question here, maybe someone sees it later ...

When reusing a schema like this:

optional(:voucher_code, [:nil, :hash]).maybe do

and defining a high-level rule in VoucherValidations::Schema like this:

rule(crew_id_must_match: [:crew_id, :current_crew_id]) do |crew_id, current_crew_id|

When there's an error validating the outer schema, the error message from the inner schema is not stored in
errors[:voucher_code][:crew_id_must_match] but on the top-level. I'd expect the error in on the inner schema, just
like the other, "low-level" validations (like current_crew_id being an int). This also happens when I replace the rule with a validate block.
I couldn't find a GH issue for that, is that a bug or a feature? Is there a way to get the error to be nested?

Phillip Oertel
Aug 07 2017 12:32
Oh, btw config.messages is set to :i18n.
Sergey Prikhodko
Aug 07 2017 13:21
@GustavoCaso ping me if help needed dry-rb/dry-transaction#67
Rafael George
Aug 07 2017 20:11
hi is there any documentation about testing transactions defined with dry-transactions/