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Aug 2017
Valentin Trinqué
Aug 08 2017 14:06 UTC
Hi guys, quick question, How can you manage to have default value in dry-validation ?
Gustavo Caso
Aug 08 2017 14:09 UTC
Don't if is the best solution but you could create a custom Type with default value
ArticleStatus = Types::Strict::String
                    .enum('draft', 'published')
Valentin Trinqué
Aug 08 2017 14:17 UTC
@GustavoCaso Ok thanks !
Sergey Prikhodko
Aug 08 2017 16:14 UTC
BTW Guys, what do you think - dry-transaction is used inside a controller to keep it as slim as possible. So the question is: should serialization be a step inside transaction. Or it is not intended to be there?