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Oct 2017
Peter Leitzen
Oct 18 2017 10:53
@solnic Because of your help on dry-system we are booting some dry-awesomeness in a Java server using JRuby :sparkles: Thank you again! :sparkling_heart:
Tim Riley
Oct 18 2017 10:55
Josselin Auguste
Oct 18 2017 11:21
Hello :-) Is there a reason why dry-pipeline is not listed on the dry-rb website? Looks really cool, and I just discovered it on a 2015 talk on youtube by @solnic :-)
Piotr Solnica
Oct 18 2017 11:54
@splattael hah nice one
Andy Holland
Oct 18 2017 15:44
@josselinauguste I guess nobody had time to add it yet, I don't think it gets that much use
Piotr Solnica
Oct 18 2017 15:57
It was never finished
I’m also not sure if it can work well
As a generalized lib