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Mar 2018
Spencer Goh
Mar 20 2018 23:31
Thanks @timriley wish I had time to explore, between slaving away at work and looking after baby, not much time left! I'll have a look if I get a breather.
On another note, is anyone interested in a trace/debug logging default for the dry transaction program flow? Given that the shape of the data will change significantly between each operation, and not all Failure states are necessarily triggered by Exception/Error, it can be useful in DEV deployment to have more colour over what caused failures. When one can't debug locally.
Spencer Goh
Mar 20 2018 23:38
I have an issue with an intermittent failure in a test, which doesn't manifest locally but only on the CI server. The output of roda flow driven dry transaction is returning a monad with True class as value. The only logging is the final backtrace in the router. But I would be useful to see the data and program flow along the whole execution path of the transaction, into it returns to route
70% of the time it returns my intended value object ... I can track it down but might be nice to have a trace feature. Any other use cases other people have across like this? Do you just add a ton of hand crafted logging manually?
Maybe option trace_transaction, true