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Mar 2018
Calinoiu Alexandru Nicolae
Mar 26 2018 12:07
HI all, do you guys know of an online workshop (payed on not) that I can point someone to learn about dry? Even if is something similar to rails book.
Spencer Goh
Mar 26 2018 13:32
Modular components, what is the preferred way of doing this in dry-web? suggests writing a gem, that you boot up from your container. The other way I noticed like dry logging/monitor, is that a plugin is "use"d in a container. And it then registers an instance into the container.
Oskar Szrajer
Mar 26 2018 21:08
@hamzakc almost sure you cannot use swagger. It’s generate doc based on routes. Dry web use roda. It’s. Tree based routing. Generating swagger doc (automatically) probably will not be possible. (But never tried myself)
@alexandru-calinoiu @timriley prepared some offline lessons and made few of it around the world. Not sure it’s possible now and online.
Tim Riley
Mar 26 2018 23:09
It’s not an online thing, unfortunately. @alexandru-calinoiu as solnic mentioned in the forum, detailed guides/workshops etc. will probably wait until we’re 1.0 on the gems