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Apr 2018
Oskar Szrajer
Apr 16 2018 10:06
Hi, any easy way to extend Dry-system based app (dry-web) with own acronym (dry-inflector). I know Dry-system use dry-loader and it is initialized with Inflector instance - and I can overwrite loader. But maybe there is easier way just to extend those inflector instance somehow?
@flash-gordon ^?
ps thx for extending dry-inflector (acronyms) ;]
Nikita Shilnikov
Apr 16 2018 12:01
@gotar I would go with a custom loader for now, but I think we could have it as a standalone config option that is passed to the loader
I actually have the same problem but didn't have a chance to set up my app with the new inflector
I'll do it before a new relaese, I hope soon
Oskar Szrajer
Apr 16 2018 12:07
ok thx for info :) Yes some custom config will be nice, something like custom boot script for inflector, registered inside container, and then passed as a config option for dry-system
sound good