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Jun 2018
Nikita Shilnikov
Jun 07 2018 12:01
Hey folks, dry-system 0.10.0 is out, no major changes, mostly a compatibility release with dry-struct 0.5.0. We also improved integration with dry-inflector. As always, checkout the changelog
Guilherme Moreira
Jun 07 2018 13:40
@firstsano maybe you can use a custom validation block? . You give a name to that validation and which attributes do you want to use in that block. If not maybe you can give an example.
Jun 07 2018 16:35
Dry::Types['coercible.float'].constrained(lteq: ::Float::MAX)[::Float::MAX.to_i + 100] # => 1.7976931348623157e+308
why so?
coercion int -> float & it equals Float::MAX?
Jun 07 2018 16:43
(yeah, I'm too lazy to read the code ._.)