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Aug 2018
Pablo Crivella
Aug 24 2018 10:06
Hi peeps, wanted to share this with you,, it’s a gem i’m using as a dependency for other 2 gems (one for a jsonapi barebones client, and another with a bit more functionality on top of that). I decided to use mainly dry-rb gems, so i would really appreaciate feedback if you can find the time to take a look :), thanks for your work on all these amazing gems btw.
This gem i just shared is pretty much an implementation of the main types, using dry-types gem
Gustavo Caso
Aug 24 2018 12:22
:clap: :clap:
Gustavo Caso
Aug 24 2018 12:28
I shame not to be there :cry:
Piotr Solnica
Aug 24 2018 12:29
I know right
Gustavo Caso
Aug 24 2018 12:30
Yeah, we will have to settle with the videos of the conferences
this is a whole talk about "ducks and monads" which mentions dry-types
Gustavo Caso
Aug 24 2018 12:35
He has a well blogpost talking about monads and transaction