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Sep 2018
Viet (Drake) Tran
Sep 06 2018 10:12
I have a question about dry-transaction. After wrapping an operation from container with an instance method, how can I inject the original operation into the transaction? I want to test the instance method only.
Tim Riley
Sep 06 2018 11:36
@tiev this’d be a good q to ask on, if you don’t mind. I’d be happy to take a look, but it might not be until next week and I’ll otherwise lose track of it if it just stays in chat.
Viet (Drake) Tran
Sep 06 2018 15:39
ok, I’ll create a discource topic
Sep 06 2018 20:44
@timriley do you guys follow command / query separation strictly? eg, if you had a service which logged a user in, when you have one object like ValidateCredentials which only did the validation steps, logging, etc. and then another object responsible returning a new session token? ie, do your command objects always have void return type?