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Nov 2018
Chris Richards
Nov 05 2018 13:43
Sweet :-) . must. resist. urge. to. ask. when. is. it. ready.
Jeff Dickey
Nov 05 2018 14:32
"Resistance is futile", sayeth the Borg. Locutus 1:1
Brice Sanchez
Nov 05 2018 15:06
Hi ! Is input preprocessing works on Dry::Validation.Schema ? I would like to convert string id to integer before validating it
@timriley Thanks for your previous answer, for now i use Module include for resuable methods and i use guard style for conditional steps
Brice Sanchez
Nov 05 2018 16:20
Ok I've seen this dry-rb/dry-validation#357
So i've created a Dry::Validation::Params
Piotr Solnica
Nov 05 2018 17:04
@cmrichards not sure
Ethan Turkeltaub
Nov 05 2018 17:30
Hey again 👋 is it possible to have optional nested hashes within dry-struct?