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Nov 2018
Oskar Szrajer
Nov 25 2018 09:22
and hows your boot file for it looks like? how you define Container['user_repos']
Nikita Shilnikov
Nov 25 2018 09:26
@DangerDawson you're supposed to call .finalize! on load, call it when you're load your app in production environment
Tim Riley
Nov 25 2018 09:34
That won’t solve the different object ids issue though
When dry-system auto registers, it does so via registering a proc that’ll return a new instance of each object (unless that object is detectable as a singleton)
If you want a memoizing auto registering strategy right now you’ll need to write a custom one.
It’s something I’ve long wanted to investigate but I never got the chance
David Dawson
Nov 25 2018 10:38
@timriley would I be right in thinking that if the object and all it’s dependecies are frozen then it would be safe to memoize rather than call it as a block. e.g. say we expose a method called deep_frozen?
Tim Riley
Nov 25 2018 11:18
Yeah, I guess so @DangerDawson. Even if they’re not deeply frozen, as long as your program is well behaved.