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    Jelani Thompson
    The current approach I'm taking with making user accounts is to create a new document in the users database
    I have two special fields called "username" and "password"
    How can I make it so that the password isn't stored as plain text?
    Don't think it's safe that admins can view passwords right out in the open there lol
    is there a way to find and modify a document? Like this mongo equivalent http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6997835/how-does-mongodb-deal-with-concurent-updates ???
    Dominique Sandoz
    @vicmania2007 I do not quite understand your question - "find" works by Views, "modify" by regular HTTP request. "Concurrency" has been built into CouchDB 2.0 when used in a clustered environment.
    (ok, last sentence is confusing: "Concurrency" is generally solved by CouchDBs Conflict Management, there is no locking, but there is a "relaxed" handling of conflicts)
    @JelaniThompson CouchDB salts and hashes user passwords, so you enter them in plaintext but they will not get stored in plaintext (but hashed).
    @streunerlein my question was how you will find a document and update it. looks like we have to use find method to find the document and update it using db
    Nevermind I got the solution.
    Thanks @streunerlein
    Dominique Sandoz
    @vicmania2007 Yeah, because of CouchDBs architecture, you cannot really "find" documents like you would in other DBs. You find it by filtering a View that contains the document.
    Alright, good luck
    triing to test couchdb with postman
    curl works, but not sure why this doesn't
    Jean-Marcel Belmont
    hello all
    I have a question about using docker with nano library
    const nano = require('nano')('http://db:5984/');
    I am curious about the right way to invoke nano with docker
    I had this before const nano = require('nano')('');
    I have a Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml
    Hi, i want to document from couchdb and document have attachment. i want to get the document with attachment. i am not be able to get attachment.
    Basheer A Radman
    Kevin Bai
    Hi, I want to create a database user nano.db.create, but it return a error 500