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So I'm getting an error that title, version, and banner aren't functions of Vorpal but they're in the descriptors example? Do they no longer exist or did the way you access those functions change?
Velin Georgiev
Hey @dthree and all
Anyone tried to pass json/xml as arg.option to a command? I am having some trouble where the vorpal.js trims my json/xml ", { or = chars in a weird way and wonder if I should log more detailed issue. Examples:
-p "{\"testMessage\":\"Test message 123\"}" results in just {
-p '{"testMessage":"Test message 123"}' results in '{testMessage:Test message 123}'
-p {"testMessage":"Test message 123"} results in {testMessage:Test message 123}
my aim is to pass just {"testMessage":"Test message 123"}, but seems that vorpal.js filters it. Am I missing a configuration
I am using Windows 8.1 if that makes any difference
Velin Georgiev
FYI: Ok, was able to find the cause. It was the Windows command shell (cmd.exe). Running it like that -p '{ \"testMessage\" : \"Test message 123\" }' gave me the desired result
Tristan Matthias

Hi guys! Noob question here. I've done a bit of digging, and can't find the answer.

Does vorpal support prompts in vorpal.parse() mode?

Pete Johanson
@dthree and all: Is there a compelling reason vorpal can't support sending multiple instance.log entries to the 'stdin' of the downstream command?
And I'm wondering why a certain downstream gets triggered immediately on logging, as opposed to upon completion of the upstream command via callback invocation?
I'm needing multi-line output/input processing.
So far, I can combine all my output into one inst.log call, and get it on the downstream command, but then when my upstream command doesn't get piped, you get this single line wall of text, instead of reasonable multiple lines of output displayed on-screen.
Tejus Pratap
How do I show a welcome banner with Vorpal?
nvm :)
I just made a console log before the vorpal instance was started
Tejus Pratap
I did that too :shipit:
Tejus Pratap
Using console.log ended up having issues in Windows. Had to use vorpal.log() which is the recommended method. https://github.com/dthree/vorpal/wiki/API-%7C-vorpal#vorpallogstring-strings
Nikhil Jha
Is there an easy way to add a confirmation to a command with vorpal?
Other than this.prompt([ and callbacks
hello, how do I add default command? .command().action(() => foo())
with empty string
Zach Moss
I would like to run the vorpal REPL with the context of my app (the same way as with .load in node's repl). Can this be done?
hi, new to vorpal, just a little question:
is it possible the exit problematically?
already find - vorpal.exec('exit');
thanks :)
Hi everyone, I'm quite new to vorpal and a bit confused and I haven't found my answer in the wiki. If I make a new command Like this: vorpal
.command('target', 'Set or clear target for session.')
.option('-s --set <target>', 'Sets a target for session.')
.option('-c --clear', 'Clears target which was set before.')
.option('-v --view', 'Shows set target.') How do I check which option the user chose? I mean I can find the chosen target with args["options"]["set"] but how do I check for example if the user typed target -t and then forgot to give a target?
Any freelancers there have time to build me a interactive cli, that talks to DIG, DNS, AWS(CLi). Basically a tool for our support people to do some maint/checking
what features you need
how can i place my logic in a separate file
and how can i handle errors typed in
Will there be any progress on #303 to fix the ui.submit() function?
I'm using vorpal.activeCommand.prompt() and passing in an object of questions. In one of the questions, I want to validate the input. To validate the input, I want to make an API call to grab some JSON data and check to make sure that the answer is in the JSON data.
How can I do this? I seem to run into a timing issue if I try to return a promise inside the validate callback
Federico Miras
Hello guys, how are you? I'm dealing with a possible bug of vorpal that idk how to solve
I'm using a command (say that 'mainCommand') and an alias
when I use cli help mainCommand it successfully display me the flags and options that are allowed for that subcommand
but when i use cli help alias it says that is an invalid command and doesn't shows anything
anyone knows how to solve this?
Shawn Adams
I couldn't find this answer anywhere. How do I send output to stderr? I only see this.log. In the same vein how do I supply an exit status code?
Daniele Dellafiore

Hi. Just started using vorpal. As It does not seem possible to have "shell experience" with commander alone and I also need some inquirer style questions, vorpal seem perfect as gives me 1) shell prompt commands written with a commander-like api 2) use inquirer to make questions 3) extensibility

Hope someone still hangs out here :)

Joram van den Boezem
:wave: hi all. Is anybody aware if a coordinated attempt to keep vorpal alive?
Would love to chip my time to solve some of the outstanding issues and work on some new features.
Joram van den Boezem
I noticed there are quite some changes in the v2 branch...
Sean Templeton
Is there anyway with vorpal to achieve the same effect that an application like top does with consuming the entire terminal with updating content?
is it normal the npm package wasn't published for 2 years ?
author have to sync with the git repo
Jérôme Loï
it seem the project is not moving much anymore