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Joram van den Boezem
@AdrieanKhisbe @slinkardbrandon yes let's do it! We recently looked at oclif, but decided to stay with vorpal for now because of its features. Very open to help with a revival!
Adrien Becchis
@hongaar Awesome! :)
Ore Landau
Hi @AdrieanKhisbe @slinkardbrandon @hongaar
I moved my fork to the GitHub org @slinkardbrandon created.
@dthree created for us an open PR to their repo from branch 2.0-ts, so all work should be done on that branch. dthree/vorpal#328
@slinkardbrandon, I don't see your PR. Maybe it was removed when I migrated the repo to new org?
I think since the community is here, we should keep discussion in this Gitter. Might be nice to have a dedicated room dthree/vorpal-reforge for the effort.
Brandon Slinkard
I think you don’t see my branch because I accidentally opened the PR to dthree’s 2.0-ts branch. I’ll see if I can get that fixed today. We did make the slack channel so we can get some integrations going but to prevent the team from getting split I think we need to remain vigilant of Gitter too.
Brandon Slinkard
We had a different Org set up vorpaljs-reforged that we ended up getting more people to join up with. I just made PRs from my org to the community with the larger org. I'll be sure to close mine down to prevent the segregation in the future.
Brandon Slinkard
I think as part of the reforge we should also replace mocha with jest 24
Brandon Slinkard
Made the PR to handle the jest conversion :)
Brandon Slinkard
After converting to jest and enabling coverage reporting I realized we have about 50% coverage. (Also none of the tests are using mocks, they’re mostly integration style tests). As a future PR we should start refactoring the tests to be actual unit tests and shoot for as close to 100% coverage as we can get without coding our src for our tests.
Brandon Slinkard
To draw attention to the above I also implemented coveralls with that PR.
is possible with Vorpal command
connect to WS socket
and display "messages" in screen
but the command line available ?
is impossible "detach" the command... anyone can help me?
Jason Schwarzenberger
how to prevent the process.exit() from happening on .parse()?
also, how can i capture the output to a string rather than the console?
(context: i am trying to use this to build a command line for a telegram bot.)
Jason Schwarzenberger
i think i'm ok now.
Hello all, just a question. is it possible to run vorpal command that execute a background process/service, exiting from application/vorpal, connecting later again in a second and attach to the previous "process"?
I.e.: Running some vorpal commands (than running one or more background processes), exit from shell/ssh, connecting again running again the application and "reconnecting" so I can "resume" the UI and interact with the previous started processes? I hope I was clear. Thanks!
You would likely want to use IPC/sockets to connect/re-connect with some long running process you have spawned.
Yes, something like this. For example, I run via vorpal command a bot (ie: a trading bot), a service in background, later on I can run again the vorpal application and interact with that service running other vorpal commands (see stats, check progress, stop bot, change configuration, restart it)
Paule Paul
how can i embed vorpal in website?
Graham Holden
Just started using Vorpal and got the basics in place... node myapp.js will open an interactive session and prompt for commands; node myapp.js mycmd myarg will run a command and return to the command-prompt. Is there a way of giving one or more commands on the command-line and then switching to accepting commands interactively? At the moment, after command-definition, I've got vorpal.parse( process.argv ).show() ;. TIA
So how dead is vorpal.js? Or is there a viable fork somewher