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Oct 2015
Oct 29 2015 13:08 UTC
Hey guys! Sorry for the unexpected entry! I came across Wat on GH and I have to say, I LOVE the idea! I would like to help out more hands on (rather than simply spreading the word), if at all possible. I've reviewed the issues, as well. I am not the most spectacular coder, as that is what I am working on now, but I'm super determined and I love to learn. If you guys need/would admire additional help, I'm all ears. Cheers guys, and happy coding! :smile:
Hey man. Thanks and I appreciate it!
I'd love help. The main major thing I'm working on before release is adding a ton of libraries, and QCing the library parsers for any problems.
Right now, any and all docs that are based on Markdown can be added with no further coding. So one easy target is hunting down popular open source libraries that a ton of people use, and adding them as doc sets.
I'm working on HTML doc parsers now, to open up major libraries, so once I fine tune that, adding even more doc sets should be easy.
Lastly, it might not seem like much, but what I'm lacking more than anything is feedback on features. It actually matters a ton. This is all in my head, but I'm building it for the community, so I need to know what the community is thinking.