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Feb 2015
Feb 20 2015 19:14

math and shape learning game:

using the number of sides different shapes have, and basic mathematic equation building skills, users
create math equations using two shapes and one mathematic operator to match the correct solution or equation.

ex game screen:

[shape] [operator] [shape]



Ways the game could work:
1)If the shapes and operator are pre-selected by the game, then the user must type the answer to the shape equation.
2)If the shapes and operator are selected by the user, then the game generates a solution (number) the user must make the equation equal to.

ex of 1:

[triangle] [x] [hexagon]  (equation generated by game: 3 x 5)


  [user's solution: 15] 
(user enters 15, because 3 x 5 = 15)

ex of 2:

[square] [-] [hexagon]  (shapes and operator selected by user to make the equation: 4 - 5 = -1)

   [solution: -1] 
(solution was generated by game, before user selected shapes and operator)

shapes include:
triangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons, septagons, and octogans