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adriano serighelli
Erro championify.png
This message was deleted
My game is loading infinitely.How to fix, please help me.
adriano serighelli
what's the directory for LOL ?
Doesnt work for me
i patched like 10 times and it wont show the builds ._.
I'm taking a whack at building Championify from source, and I'm getting a bunch of warnings... should I report that as an issue?
Put in my first PR, hope I didn't mess it up. This is my first time working with node but it seems fairly straightforward.
MAD Masqueradz
Hello, i am using Championify since now and I love it !
But i have a problem, the French translation of it seems google translation-ish.
For example : "Select League of Legends index" should be (in another meaning) : "Sélectionner l'endroit où est placé League of Legends" or "Choisir l'endroit ou League of Legends est stocké"
Dustin Blackman
I could of sworn I had someone translate the French stuff.. Either way, translations are managed on transifex. If you'd like to help translate stuff, check out the continuation section. :)
Hi. I have a problem with installing 1.3.6 everytime I try to install it i get this error message: An error has occurred while trying to rename a file in the destination diretory; MoveFile failed; code 5 Access denied I have tried running it as admin but it did not help. I could'nt find any help on google
Dustin Blackman
@buntzen Running as admin didn’t help? That’s odd, it could be something is locking from moving files. Is this during an import or an update?
MAD Masqueradz
@buntzen Try by changing Championify's setup place. For example, try by loading the setup on your desktop or on your "My Documents" folder
@dustinblackman Do you have any "translation" file, you know, for example a file like that : French.lang or FR.json i don't know.
@dustinblackman It is while installing the program for the first time. just tried @ShadixAced_twitter idea but it unfortunately did not help. I've also tried changing the install directory to the root of my C drive.
Dustin Blackman

@ShadixAced_twitter Translations are handled on Transifex and then are downloaded here.

I don’t accept translations in PRs.

@buntzen While installing? Then that’s something with your system that I’m unsure about. I’m using the most common install setup application to install championify. You could just try downloading the ZIP file, extracting, and running too.
[ Basara ]
Hello, someone here?
I have a big problem with Championify
Congrats on the 2.0 release!
Dustin Blackman
@iggyvolz Thanks man appreciate it.
Hi ppl, there are one ppl french here ?
(and good xmas)
I downloaded the .zip file off of Github but I don't see "Championify.exe"
Could someone help me install it, please?
Riccardo Montagnin
@dustinblackman Good job for everything mate, really appreciate your programm.
@DexStarr__twitter You should download the .exe file from here and not the zip file
I installed the exe and get the menu but after importing it none of the item sets show up in game.
Suggestion: Adding Sweeper Lens to the lolalytics builds if possible!
Gabriel Rivera
yo yo yo
i got a problem
built new pc. i have 2 hard drives. an ssd and hdd. anyways i download championify and when i open it up i have no clue what file it all goes to. before with 1 drive the file would already be selected
i have a problem, i cant import from korean builds !! its so frustrating T.T
Kyle Fring
Just wanted to let you know that this is a really well executed bit of software. Hugely appreciative!
Suraj Mandal
can there be any option to change hud and stuff?
Davide Balocchi
Sorry, i can't install it
Someone can help me?
I use this software a ton, I'm really happy with it. I just wanted to drop by and ask if a chocolatey package was considered? I would like to be able to update it via there instead of downloading releases
Edward Greene
I just wanted to send a heads up that it looks like Championify is broken on the initial beta of macOS Mojave. The program opens but starting the import process leads to a crash every time.
@freezi version loads indefinitely, doesnt create item sets
@freezi version loads indefinitely, doesnt create item sets
Greensilence Prods
Cannot load korean build item sets please fix