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    Jimmy Ruts
    I know that you have been working with Elixir now for a while
    So I want to ask you guys on your thoughts about it now after doing some real work with it
    The pro's, the con's
    would you use it for rest api etc
    Ines Teles Correia
    @jruts So good to hear from you! This channel isn’t used much but if you open an issue on https://github.com/dwyl/learn-elixir you’ll get a lot more eyes on it 😊
    Hope you’re well 💙
    Ines Teles Correia
    @luckynetworking_twitter Good to have you here! As you can see, it’s a little quiet here - the best way to engage the dwyl community is definitely in github issues :blush:
    https://github.com/dwyl/start-here/issues is a good place to start!
    @jruts I wrote an answer to your question: dwyl/learn-elixir#102 hope it's useful. if you have any further questions, we are always here for you! :heart:
    Dumindu Gunawardana
    can we use hapi-auth-jwt2 with external jwt authentication microservice?
    hi im struggling to connect redis-connection to my redis cloud, can anyone help me
    Abhishek Guleri
    how to join senpai ?
    Shouvik Roy
    Hey guys, I joined the Github organization (Thank you @nelsonic ) . What do I do next?
    I am interested in contributing Elm code.
    @royshouvik thanks for joining! At present 95% of our Elm code is "client" projects which are closed source ... 🙄 We are planning to shift our focus to an Open Source Elm project very soon (and you will be notified of this). Meanwhile, can you share your thoughts on this issue: dwyl/learn-elm#129 ? thanks! :sunflower:
    Shouvik Roy
    Thanks.. I am already convinced about Elm, so not sure what I can add there :slight_smile:
    Max Base
    Ines Teles Correia
    Hey @BaseMax, welcome to dwyl!
    Salif Mehmed
    Max Base
    Hi my friend.
    Ines Teles Correia
    Shouvik Roy
    @iteles @nelsonic is there any open source projects that I can help with ?
    Shubham Kumar Jha
    Hello everyone ! I really liked the idea of Do What You Like. I would love to contribute :smile:
    Sanchit Mishra
    Hello! :D
    Pranali Patne
    Hello guys..
    I am creating one project where i wanted to notify user when new request arrives. i have tried for many solutions but it didn't worked for me . can someone please help me in it. I am creating this project in reactjs .
    @PatneP seems like a good question for one of the many react forums.
    Yosef Alnajjar
    Hi Guys
    Zameer Haque

    Hi Everyone

    New here. How to join the dwyll organisation?

    Yulia Tenincheva

    Hello, everyone! :)

    It's that time of the year again when people start feeling guilty for not contributing to open source enough - it's Hacktoberfest! So... to alleviate my guilt at least, I am looking for projects to contribute to. There are plenty of opportunities in the DWYL organization, yet most of the repositories are extremely outdated. I am wondering if you are interested in refreshing some of those or maybe it's better to focus on some that are more popular.

    Ideally, I would love to contribute with DevOps, AWS stuff, automations. I have interest in learning Elixir aand I have past experience with node.js/hapi (which I am not that interested in right now, but my expertise may be helpful). Any suggestions? :)

    Yulia Tenincheva
    No suggestions? ;(
    Ines Teles Correia
    @Y-LyN-10 Sorry you didn't get an answer to this, we tend to communicate more in the repos themselves so hardly ever look at gitter any more :grimacing:
    If you're looking to learn Elixir then we'd love to get your view on https://github.com/dwyl/learn-elixir/ - please do open any issues with any suggestions you have for updates (the likelihood is we'll love the contributions :relaxed: )
    And if there are any deprecated repos you find particularly interested in, please do let us know
    This little elixir project (https://github.com/dwyl/library/issues) could also do with some love as we'll be picking it up in earnest in a couple of months once https://github.com/dwyl/home opens :)
    麦晓杰 lavna
    i am a web developer, i really want to join dwyl.
    麦晓杰 lavna
    @iteles can help me ?
    麦晓杰 lavna
    hapi-auth-github does not support v17+ can someone relove it?
    Debasish Sahoo
    Hello everyone,
    I tried to jot down a list of concepts and code snippets that would help in learning Golang and applying in Web Development :tada:
    :v: Hope you find something useful. If you like it please give it a :star2:.
    @nelsonic Hello! Newbie here, would love to join and contribute.
    hello I wanna help dwyl and learn please help me what you need and how ty @iteles :)
    Abhishek Chaudhary
    Heyya, I would love to join DWYL, theabbie.github.io is my portfolio and I write for FreeCodeCamp https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/author/theabbie/
    Florian Kappes
    Hi @all!
    I started using badges on github today but the hit badge just doesnt count up. I did check like 100 times and the markdown all is fine .. not even when directly put in the URL ... any ideas why?
    Oh dwyl/hits#101 ok .. I think its probaby this
    i have integrate the ngx webwidget with anguar , can any body tell me how to convert to zenddesk chat and give me the settings to change
    what is the diffrence between react-native and react?