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    Jimmy Ruts
    The pro's, the con's
    would you use it for rest api etc
    Ines Teles Correia
    @jruts So good to hear from you! This channel isn’t used much but if you open an issue on https://github.com/dwyl/learn-elixir you’ll get a lot more eyes on it 😊
    Hope you’re well 💙
    Ines Teles Correia
    @luckynetworking_twitter Good to have you here! As you can see, it’s a little quiet here - the best way to engage the dwyl community is definitely in github issues :blush:
    https://github.com/dwyl/start-here/issues is a good place to start!
    @jruts I wrote an answer to your question: dwyl/learn-elixir#102 hope it's useful. if you have any further questions, we are always here for you! :heart:
    Dumindu Gunawardana
    can we use hapi-auth-jwt2 with external jwt authentication microservice?
    hi im struggling to connect redis-connection to my redis cloud, can anyone help me
    Abhishek Guleri
    how to join senpai ?
    Shouvik Roy
    Hey guys, I joined the Github organization (Thank you @nelsonic ) . What do I do next?
    I am interested in contributing Elm code.
    @royshouvik thanks for joining! At present 95% of our Elm code is "client" projects which are closed source ... 🙄 We are planning to shift our focus to an Open Source Elm project very soon (and you will be notified of this). Meanwhile, can you share your thoughts on this issue: dwyl/learn-elm#129 ? thanks! :sunflower:
    Shouvik Roy
    Thanks.. I am already convinced about Elm, so not sure what I can add there :slight_smile:
    Max Base
    Ines Teles Correia
    Hey @BaseMax, welcome to dwyl!
    Salif Mehmed
    Max Base
    Hi my friend.
    Ines Teles Correia
    Shouvik Roy
    @iteles @nelsonic is there any open source projects that I can help with ?
    Shubham Kumar Jha
    Hello everyone ! I really liked the idea of Do What You Like. I would love to contribute :smile:
    Sanchit Mishra
    Hello! :D
    Pranali Patne
    Hello guys..
    I am creating one project where i wanted to notify user when new request arrives. i have tried for many solutions but it didn't worked for me . can someone please help me in it. I am creating this project in reactjs .
    @PatneP seems like a good question for one of the many react forums.
    Yosef Alnajjar
    Hi Guys
    Zameer Haque

    Hi Everyone

    New here. How to join the dwyll organisation?

    Yulia Tenincheva

    Hello, everyone! :)

    It's that time of the year again when people start feeling guilty for not contributing to open source enough - it's Hacktoberfest! So... to alleviate my guilt at least, I am looking for projects to contribute to. There are plenty of opportunities in the DWYL organization, yet most of the repositories are extremely outdated. I am wondering if you are interested in refreshing some of those or maybe it's better to focus on some that are more popular.

    Ideally, I would love to contribute with DevOps, AWS stuff, automations. I have interest in learning Elixir aand I have past experience with node.js/hapi (which I am not that interested in right now, but my expertise may be helpful). Any suggestions? :)

    Yulia Tenincheva
    No suggestions? ;(
    Ines Teles Correia
    @Y-LyN-10 Sorry you didn't get an answer to this, we tend to communicate more in the repos themselves so hardly ever look at gitter any more :grimacing:
    If you're looking to learn Elixir then we'd love to get your view on https://github.com/dwyl/learn-elixir/ - please do open any issues with any suggestions you have for updates (the likelihood is we'll love the contributions :relaxed: )
    And if there are any deprecated repos you find particularly interested in, please do let us know
    This little elixir project (https://github.com/dwyl/library/issues) could also do with some love as we'll be picking it up in earnest in a couple of months once https://github.com/dwyl/home opens :)
    麦晓杰 lavna
    i am a web developer, i really want to join dwyl.
    麦晓杰 lavna
    @iteles can help me ?
    麦晓杰 lavna
    hapi-auth-github does not support v17+ can someone relove it?
    Debasish Sahoo
    Hello everyone,
    I tried to jot down a list of concepts and code snippets that would help in learning Golang and applying in Web Development :tada:
    :v: Hope you find something useful. If you like it please give it a :star2:.
    @nelsonic Hello! Newbie here, would love to join and contribute.
    hello I wanna help dwyl and learn please help me what you need and how ty @iteles :)
    Abhishek Chaudhary
    Heyya, I would love to join DWYL, theabbie.github.io is my portfolio and I write for FreeCodeCamp https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/author/theabbie/
    Florian Kappes
    Hi @all!
    I started using badges on github today but the hit badge just doesnt count up. I did check like 100 times and the markdown all is fine .. not even when directly put in the URL ... any ideas why?
    Oh dwyl/hits#101 ok .. I think its probaby this
    i have integrate the ngx webwidget with anguar , can any body tell me how to convert to zenddesk chat and give me the settings to change
    what is the diffrence between react-native and react?