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    Remco Wendt
    yeah understandable :) same here
    Remco Wendt
    well it was more that we are going to make heavy use of dynamic rest in a project on our side. and we hope to have some of our work merged back for others to use, so that it might be good for us to say hello and share some thoughts
    Anthony Leontiev
    that sounds great; happy to brainstorm. my availability is usually 9am-6pm Pacific time
    Remco Wendt
    hey guys! just found out that DREST's WithDynamicViewSetMixin does a hard override on renderer_classes: renderer_classes = (JSONRenderer, DynamicBrowsableAPIRenderer) this way the DEFAULT_RENDERER_CLASSES setting of drf is ignored. I understand that DynamicBrowsableAPIRenderer should be swapped with the DREST one in order for the directory support to work. But to me this doesn't seem the best way to do this. In our project we thought we where using the configured UJSON renderer, but we didn't in the end :)
    Yeison Jair Vargas Flórez
    Hi guys! I'm testing dynamic-rest with Python 3.5.2, Django 1.10 and DRF 3.5.0, so, when I add a field in inherited class serializer from DynamicModelSerializer I get [variable_name] is not a valid field for <class 'main.models.[nameModel]'>
    Any idea what is it about?
    Remco Wendt
    @YeisonVargas does the name of the field in the serializer also exist in the model? Otherwise you need to use the source parameter in the field you are defining to link it to the proper field in your model
    Yeison Jair Vargas Flórez
    @shanx the name of the field in the serializer doesn't exist in the model, so I added the DynamicRelationField in Serializer but I get that error.
    and the serializer inherits from DynamicModelSerializer like the example.
    it not work:(
    Asif Saif Uddin
    hi guys
    is this library a replacement for django-rest-framework-json-api?
    i liked this library
    Tibo Beijen
    @auvipy Afaik JSON-API is a spec that looks different from what is implemented in dynamic-rest. There is overlap in concepts though (inclusion/sideloading). Disclaimer: Not author.
    Asif Saif Uddin
    I see
    Brad Hilton
    Does DREST support POSTing and PUTing embedded objects?
    Anthony Leontiev
    there is currently no support for PUT/POST with embedded relations
    Philipp Kuznetsov

    hello, is there any way to include in model it's subchildren?
    I have:

    class ParentModel(Model):
    class ChildModel(Model):
        parent = ForeignKey(ParentModel)
    class SubChildModel(Model):
        parent = ForeignKey(ChildModel)

    I want:
    GET /parentmodels/

            "subchildren" : [
    @aleontiev Is it possible to solve this problem? AltSchool/dynamic-rest#172 Could you also bump DRF to 3.6.3, thx.
    Michael Hotwagner
    Hey there, is anyone still using this channel?
    I'm having trouble passing a default queryset down through a DynamicRelationField
    I want to response like this {id: 'xx', name: 'xx}, not this format: {car: {'id': xx, name: 'xx}}
    sravanthi gowrisetty
    Hi, is there any way to disable the default configuration of dynamic-rest router api urls in brower
    currently it is like this:
    DRF browsable API, but wish that it included a directory that would let you see your entire list of endpoints at a glance from any page. DREST adds that in
    is there any way to change settings