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Hey there! Guys (sublime text users) how you deal with next problem:

/* some CSS */
.first-selector {
font-weight: bold;

.another-selector { ... ;}

after typing bold; in example above in order to beginning typing
.another-selector I must "push" down or pageDown button on my keyboard
and also hit Enter - but it sucks! Maybe exist plugin (package) or
default trivial deal with it? ( after typing bold; for instance hit
binding Ctrl+Space(or something like this) and just begin typing
.another-selector . I know it was tough)) but I hope you understand me, any

Tim Navrotskyy
Tim Navrotskyy
Just migrated everything to the newest version of docker and splitted the project into smaller containers. Next step: drastic improvements of the frontend.
Meanwhile there are new categories for package management and accessibility and new resources across many categories.
Tim Navrotskyy
Monads, everyone! We have many new links in the Functional Programming section. Check it out:
Hey everyone, I plan on building a simple HTML&CSS webpage but I'm unsure what framework to build on. Any reccomendations?
Kashyap Pandya
@FingablastinsOK_twitter hey Brad if you want to just make simple website don't use any freamwork. Start from scratch and use HTML & CSS it will give you more experience on basic things that you must understand to be a better web developer. Or if you still want to go with freamwork. Bootstrap is your best buddy. I hope I help you :smile:
@Kashyap-pandya Thank you for the reply! Have a great day
Kashyap Pandya
@FingablastinsOK_twitter welcome. Thank you have a great day too you 😂
Tim Navrotskyy
+1 for simple framework like bootstrap or material design lite.
Tim Navrotskyy
Hey, everyone! I just launched a revamped version of
Let me know if you like it or have some improvements in mind.
More features are coming soon.
Hey Brad! :) Use Bootstrap or Foundation by Zurb i'ts more easy to build a webpage whit that frameworks.
King Mhar Bayato
hi guys ,my name is abhinav and i am looking for some good web development internships abroad.I am a frontend web developer
Suggest me some.
George Gognadze
Hi all, I made repository about coding resources have a look at it and let me know what you think, how can I make it better? PR are welcome :grinning:
@dreamtocode that's excellent work! Thankyou I have bookmarked this :)
hello guys i wanna be a web developer i am done with html and css tuts on udemy how should i proceed further
Proceed with Basic JavaScript and then learn some good JS frameworks.
anyone looking for cheap hosting?
Andrew Usher
Can someone critique my portfolio. Am I ready to start applying for junior developer jobs? The link